Who Are We?


By the Lord’s sovereignty, the Church in Hayward has had three new beginnings.” We began in 1978, purchased a meeting hall in 1979, and the Lord blessed us with much solid increase. Eventually, many saints migrated from Hayward to begin other new localities and the remaining saints joined the Church in Pleasanton for six years. However, the Lord brought many back to Hayward for a second beginning in 2008. In 2022, the Lord unexpectedly gave us a new meeting hall close to CSU East Bay and many new residential areas. Now we sense a third new beginning in resurrection, and we are looking for saints to join us in this fresh, new church life!



The Church in Hayward currently consists of 25-35 saints of all ages, from young people (YP) to retired seniors.  Currently, we have 10-12 in the children’s meeting, 5-6 YP, 2-3 college aged, 4-5 young adults, and the remainder being older working or retired saints.  The regular scheduled meetings are Lord’s Day, Tuesday prayer meeting, Thursday dinners, Friday community, and Saturday YP.  We also have a bi-monthly blending time with the Church in Fremont.  The Chinese-speaking saints from Union City meet in one of the larger classrooms at the Hayward meeting hall as well. While the current number of saints in Hayward is small, the Lord has truly blessed the church life here in a very blended way!